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Ventriloquist Takes Act To Next Level Thanks To COVID Mask

BOCA RATON, FL—Ventriloquist Reggie Glowman and his sidekick dummy Dingo have been struggling to book performances for the last 20 years. Glowman would have described himself as an average ventriloquist, but recently, his talents have skyrocketed. As venues begin to reopen, but require masks, the 46-year-old performer discovered he can sing and say any letter or word sound he wants without the audience seeing his lips move.

“I can make Dingo say, ‘Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,’ as clearly as I want, and no one sees a thing,” said Glowman. “Dingo’s vocabulary has exploded!”

Crowds have been wowed by the new and improved “Reggie & Dingo” show.

“I’ve been seeing ventriloquist acts for over 50 years,” said audience member Tom Lapp. “I watch the mouth closely, and I didn’t see Reggie’s lips move a single time during the entire show. ‘Impressive’ is too small of a word.”

The reviews and growing buzz surrounding the performance have garnered the comedy pair a nationwide tour.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” Glowman said. “This virus is the best thing to happen to my career. I’m one of the few people hoping for a second outbreak.”

Glowman is considering giving Dingo a mask, too, which should make things even easier.

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