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Local Woman Considers Saying 'Have A Blessed Day' Evangelism

LEXINGTON, KY—According to sources, local believer Patti Vargas considers her habit of closing conversations with the words “have a blessed day” to be evangelism.

“Of course I’m sharing my faith when I say ‘Have a blessed day.’ It says ‘blessed’ right in there.”

Saying she’s “pretty much the female Billy Graham,” Vargas confirmed to reporters Thursday her frequent use of the statement in face-to-face as well as email and phone encounters.

“I’ve shared the gospel 12 times already today,” the mother of three boasted. “I even have the words ‘Have a blessed day,’ in my email signature, in a nice script-y font, so every time I send an email I’m boldly declaring the good news.”

Vargas reportedly committed to the outreach strategy after hearing a sermon on the Great Commission and deciding she needed to “get serious” about spreading the love and sacrificial death of Jesus with her friends, coworkers, and acquaintances.

Pressed about why she does not make a habit of explaining the gospel in more understandable terms or at least elaborate on some of the crucial details, Vargas said, “Have a blessed day,” and abruptly stopped the interview.

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